These photos were taken by the Forest Service lookout, from her

vantage point on Signal Peak, looking below and toward the W-SW.

Above was taken on Tuesday, August 1. Above the red fire retardant

drop, you can make out the orange and white P-3 Orion drop plane.


Above is the fire from about the same vantage point, after it flared

up on Wednesday, August 2.


Here are some more pictures, taken by Ron Taylor, Comm Tech for SRP, from the SRP

helicopter overflying the fire. This is Pinal Peak.



From USDA National Forest Service, Tonto National Forest Office Press Release

Location:  South of Pinal and Signal Peaks, 8 miles south of Globe, AZ on the Tonto National Forest.

 Start: Lightning on Sunday, July 30, 2000.

 Estimated size:  2,310 acres

Containment: 100 % (as of August 25)         

Fuel Type:  Mixed conifer and chaparral

Evacuations/Closures:  Recreation cabins evacuated.  Closures on Forest Roads 651 and 112.

Hazards:  Extremely steep ground, heavy fuels, hot temperatures, lightning, rainstorms, and limited and difficult access.


Total Personnel:  approximately 91

Crews:  20 crew personnel (1 type II crew)

Engines:  1

Watertenders:  1

Dozers:  2

Helicopters:  1