Mingus Mtn near Prescott. WA7GBL remote

The current system that is installed on Mingus.  The middle rack houses a Motorola Syntor™ for 2M remote, a Motorola Micor™ 6M radio, power supplies and the Palomar control system.  The left rack [front views] houses two Motorola Micor™ base station radios [links]. The short rack is the MSF5000 440 repeater in it's typical housing with PD526 duplexer.


Mt. Elden near Flagstaff. N7MK remote.

Chris, N7TWW on the mount at the top of the tower, working with the 440 antenna. Lift rigging is still in place (the ropes hanging down). Chris is standing on SARBA's side arm mount which weighs a couple hundred pounds and was hung by our group.

Chris, N7TWW working on the Heliax™ ground kits. To the left on the lower margin, you can see the SCALA™ 420MHz fiberglass radomed link antenna looking to Greens Peak, about 140 miles distant.

Looking up from the ground through the commercial dishes we had to work around raising our hardware.

The finished product... On the left of our side-arm mount, a Celwave™ PD-440 (VHF 3 DBd gain) dual open dipole for the 2 meter remote base. On the right, the PD458 "Storm Chief"™ (UHF 8 DBd gain) fiberglass omni for the 440 repeater.


Mt. Ord near Sunflower. WB7TUJ remote.

Navajo Mountain near Page. NA7DB remote.

Pics from a past Navajo Mountain trip.  From left to right, Gabe, K7NOK, Dave, KD7DR and to

the right, Ingo, WA7KUM, supervising.

And now, a little Deja Vu Trivia

Anyone recognize this?

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