ARRL 10 GHz Cummulative Contest Effort at Pinal Peak Aug.18.

CBS News running Morse out of a Craftsman tool box. Creative folks!!! Actually, it's Robin, WA6CDR, listening for that weak signal.


Robin's 10 GHz "big gun."

Mike, N7CK watches in awe at Chuck's, W7CS, CW skill.

Anyone know what this device is? (Hint.. it's not a microphone)

Mike "Monsignor Magnetron," N7CK tweeks some "things."

The primary inhabitants of Pinal Peak this time of year... Ladybugs!

Photos courtesy Gabe, K7NOK.

Robin, WA6CDR, roving at the site.

The setup on Signal Peak (did he step in something?).

Who is this, anyway?

Photos courtesy Mike, N7CK

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